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MA Deng / ​马邓
Né en 1976 à Pékin, Chine



2006  MFA, Tisch School of the arts, New York University, New York

2001  BA, California Institute of the Art, Los Angeles


2016  Where is his beard ? - Space C.M., Londre

2014  The return - Gallery Yue, Beijing

2013  Lost in the here and there - Gallery Sunshine, Los Angeles

2012  And you name? - Galerie Mu, Prague, République Tchèque

2010  Silence – Room Gallery, New York

2009  No comment – T Gallery, New York

2008  The Horizon, A Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Stop/In, You and me Gallery, Los Angeles


2016  The Strangers - Gallery Yue, Beijing

2015  China in my eyes - Gallery Yue, Beijing

2014  Out and in - Space C.M. Londre

2012  No where to go - T Gallery, New York

2011  Where we are from - Gallery Yue, Beijing

2010  the other side of the face - Gallery Sunshine, Los Angeles

2009  You and me Gallery, Los Angeles

2008  Le Souffle -, Galerie l’oeil, Paris

2007  Tools - Room Gallery, New York

2006  Far far away - T Gallery, New York

2005  You and me Gallery, Los Angeles

2004  Post generation - A Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2003  Eyes wide shut - T Gallery, New York

2002  Building field - Fanny Gallery, San Francisco

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